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Making Guild Mark / Emblem for Ragnarok Online 2

Recently my guild’s leader going frenzy over making guild emblem for our guild on Ragnarok Online 2, Niflheim. First problem started when he was unable to create transparency on the emblem, secondly is that his computer when freezing upon uploading, until he’s giving up and ask me to upload it instead.

It’s actually simple on how to create a guild mark / emblem for RO2:

  1. Create a guild folder on your RO2 installation directory. (In my case since I’m not using the default installation folder, C:\Program Files (x86)\PlayPark\RO2\guild)
  2. Create your emblem with 32 x 32 pixel in size, and save it on bitmap (.bmp), 24-bit format.
  3. If you would like to have transparency on the emblem, fill the transparent area with purple (RED:255 Green:0 Blue:255) color.
  4. Rename the file as mark.bmp and store it on the guild folder inside your RO2 installation directory.
  5. Play RO2, press hotkey G to open the guild menu, and then go to Guild Info tab.
  6. Press Add/Edit button below the guild mark’s box.
  7. Done!

Enjoy your new guild mark!

  • pink background does not turn invisible..


    May 14, 2013

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