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How to Get Mount Pet on Ragnarok Online 2

Getting a mount pet is the biggest convenience level you could achieve in Ragnarok Online 2, why is that? Because there is currently no auto-route function in RO2 which makes us needs to manually go to every place by ordering our character to move in the fields. By getting mount pets, you will gain 40-80% movement speed bonus (only while mounting of course!) depending on the mount pet quality you have. The starter pet is Peco Peco, with 40% movement speed bonus, which is available as soon as you reach level 15 and gain access to Prontera.

1st mount pet requirement:

  1. Get your character’s combat level to 15.
  2. Reach Prontera.
  3. Prepare 10z to buy the peco-peco.
  4. Go to Taksi <Mount Manager> on this spot:prontera map2 How to Get Mount Pet on Ragnarok Online 2
  5. Buy peco-peco, close the shop and then right-click on it at your inventory (open your inventory by pressing B on the keyboard).
  6. It will then registered as one of your mount pet which is accessible by clicking Mount Windows (or by pressing I on the keyboard).
  7. In order to mount, do a single right click or register it on your 0-9 hotkey for convenience.
  8. Done! Congratulations on your first mount!

Me and Taksi How to Get Mount Pet on Ragnarok Online 2

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