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Ragnarok Online 2 – Xou’s Full DPS Wizard Build

ro2 wizard Ragnarok Online 2   Xous Full DPS Wizard Build

A lot of people says that wizard is the most useless class in RO 2, I would like to differ! This is definitely the best class for party grind. The best AoE skills in the game is bestowed upon this class and I would definitely look for wizard in mob hunt / raid party.

Bonus Stats

  • 51 INT
  • 27 VIT
  • 3 AGI


ro2 wizard skill Ragnarok Online 2   Xous Full DPS Wizard Build


Full skill description and usage can be read here: Magician skills & Wizard skills

FAQ about this build:

1. Why do you take Frost Driver?

Because it is the only disabling skill that wizard has. Without it, you would be helpless upon PvP.

2. You mention the best AoE skill, which one is it?

Combination of Inferno (which automatically casts Fire Flower to all affected enemies) and Meteor Storm.

Thanks to Excelion for some advises on the build.

  • Why vit?


    April 8, 2013

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