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Ragnarok Online 2 – Xou’s Sorcerer Build

ro2 sorcerer Ragnarok Online 2   Xous Sorcerer Build

It’s here, at last! One of the best, most flexible job in RO2, sorcerer can support team battle with her healing spells, at the same time delivers devastating magical damage from cold bolt/frost diver + jupitel thunder combo. Her best DPS skill, varetyr spear also has 3s stuns. Sorcerer is a late bloomer, it’s quite hard to solo-grind at the beginning with only cold bolt as attacking spells, but the hardwork will pay-off as soon as you reach level 25!

Bonus Stats

  • 51 INT
  • 27 VIT
  • 3 AGI


ro2 xou sorcerer skill Ragnarok Online 2   Xous Sorcerer Build

Full skill description and usage can be read here: Magician skills & Sorcerer skills

FAQ about this build:

1. How to do the most effective combo?

on PvE: Start with cold bolt -> jupitel thunder -> frost diver -> jupitel thunder -> varetyr spear -> cold bolt -> and so on..
on PvP: Start with frost diver -> jupitel thunder -> varetyr spear -> frost diver -> and so on..

2. Can I leverage one of the healing skills upon solo fighting?

Yes, use Land of Recovery before the starts of any PvE battle.

3. On Party / Raid battle with boss, which healing skill should I use?

Healing Wave should be your everyday healing skill, do not forget to use Rejuvenation every 8s and Land of Recovery every 10s though.

4. Hey, rejuvenation is good, why don’t you up it to the max of 5 levels?

Because even if it’s good, do not forget that sorcerer is not a priest, on raid party, there is most likely already a priest in the group that took care of the healing. Sorcerer’s focus must still on the DPS, not support because priest is still far better on the healing / support side of things. Think of sorcerer like an emergency support in case that the priest alone cannot keep up with the raid boss’s damage to the tanker.

  • no deluge? this skill tree sux!!

    sorc player

    March 23, 2013

  • You said 3 Agi only? then 57 Vit? and 21 Int?
    Why is it for the others Agi and Int are more important? They want it equal to, and not minding the Vit of the Sorcerer? Explain pls?


    March 30, 2013

  • AJ, I think you read it wrong, in my guide it is 51 INT and 27 VIT, not the otherwise. There are a lot of people thinking of getting 27 AGI instead of VIT because they think “if we can dodge it, why tank it?”

    But the fact is that even with 27 AGI sorcerer’s evasion rate wouldn’t do much. That’s why I prefer VIT.


    March 30, 2013

  • AGI is also for crit rate


    April 6, 2013

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