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Ragnarok Online 2 – Xou’s Tanker Knight Build

ro2 knight Ragnarok Online 2   Xous Tanker Knight Build

In the last few days I’ve covered both melee, physical DPS and ranged magical DPS, now it’s time to get a tank! Knight in Ragnarok Online 2 is all about tank, get the most HP, get the biggest defense and lure every last one of enemies to attack you. The alternative tanky class in the game is beastmaster, however it’s not as good as Knight in terms of Physical Defense. That’s why if I’m to choosing a class for my tank, it’s definitely knight!

Bonus Stats

  • STR 41
  • VIT 41


ro2 xou knight skill Ragnarok Online 2   Xous Tanker Knight Build

Full skill description and usage can be read here: Swordman Skill & Knight Skill

FAQ about this build:

1. How to be a tank?

  • First skill that you must NOT forget to use is Aura Armor, this is the most crucial skill for tank since it will keep your threat level highest in the party (high threat level will prevent enemies from changing target to your party members).
  • High damaging skill is good to improve your threat level, so don’t be nervous to show off! Always give it your to try dealing as many damage as you can.
  • On later RAID bosses, there are a lot of boss can deal an immersive amount of damage that is almost impossible to be absorbed with 1 full support priest’s healing skills. In order to fight this bosses, you must be clever! You have 2 disabling skills (shield charge and shield bash) and 2 self-buff defend skills (Aura Shield & Shield Fortress), use them wisely and you can tank any bosses out there.

2. Can Aura Shield being used with Aura Armor at the same time, I thought we can only use 1 aura skills at a time?

Yes you can, Aura Armor just cannot be used in conjunction with Aura Blade.

3. You said tanker knight build, will you publish a guide for DPS knight?

No, I would just switch to Warrior or other DPS classes if I’m looking to build a DPS character.

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