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Ragnarok Online 2 – Xou’s All-Rounder Beastmaster Build

ro2 beastmaster Ragnarok Online 2   Xous All Rounder Beastmaster Build

The job that can do it all! You can transform either into grizzly form with high hp, def and threat or bear form with high DPS. Incredibly effective for both tank (as alternative to knight) and 1-on-1 DPS. The only downside to this class is that there is no good AoE skills.

Bonus Stats

  • 41 STR
  • 41 VIT


ro2 xou beastmaster skill Ragnarok Online 2   Xous All Rounder Beastmaster Build

Full skill description and usage can be read here: Archer skills & Beastmaster skills

FAQ about this build:

1. What is the main attack combo?

Wild Crush -> Rage Smash (3-4 times) -> Cruel Bite. Feel free to use brutal strike every 20s (do not forget it requires 50 beast power).

2. How can we pickup all beastmaster’s skill for all 52 skill points?

During job change from archer -> beastmaster, you will get a skill reset scroll which you can use to drop all the archer’s skills.

3. I would like to build a pure tank, is it best to pick beastmaster or knight?

In terms of tankiness, knight still better due to heavy armor (+ shield) as equipment. So if you want to be as tanky as possible, knight would still be the answer.

4. Is there any built that is suitable for PvP for beastmaster?

Not that I know of. At least I haven’t seen any succesful beastmaster in PvP environment.

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