VIP System

*All value in percentage. **It is important to reach VIP 6 as soon as possible to unlock permanent 2nd builder. Table Information Cost = total cost of VIP points. Prod = resource production Gath = gathering speed AP = action point regeneration BSpd = building speed Res = research speed Train = training speed Hosp …

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Courier Station

Courier station is one of Rise of Civilizations economic building. Here you can buy items, and commonly at heavily discounted price. Note 1 : Periodically, mysterious merchants will appear and set shop for exactly 2 hours. After they leave, you will have to wait for another to come back before you can do another round …

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Good Host List

This is a few hosts that I can personally recommend. I recommend a hosts because I have personally dealt with them, they are run and managed by good people, people who are willing to dirty their hands and take care of their clients, people who truly cares about you and your business!

Website & App Design – DIY, Hire or Templates?

One major challenge in creating online business is setting up a face for your company’s online presence. Especially for startups, where operational budgets are fairly limited and executive tends to be most cautious in spending management (which is a good thing), founders tends to question himself whether or not hiring or sourcing designer dedicated to …

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Type of Web Hosting, Which One to Choose?

Infrastructure that hosts your entire application and communication paths (such as emails) play a major roles in the ways to your online success. There are many kinds of hosting service provider, which I will explains thoroughly in this post, alongside with the pros and cons for each of them.

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