Courier Station

Courier station is one of Rise of Civilizations economic building. Here you can buy items, and commonly at heavily discounted price.

Note 1 : Periodically, mysterious merchants will appear and set shop for exactly 2 hours. After they leave, you will have to wait for another to come back before you can do another round of shopping. Build buildings, train armies or defeat barbarians will make the merchant come back sooner.

Note 2 : There are discounts, ranging from 10% to 90% (in 10% increments). Sometimes these discounts can provide us with free resources. E.g. you can get a 10,000 food by paying 2,000 wood (80% discount), and buy another 10,000 wood by paying 1,000 food (90% discount), giving you with a free 8,000 wood and 9,000 food.

Note 3 : You can re-roll/refresh the merchandise up to 5 times. First re-roll is free. The next one costs 100 gems.

These are items that have chance to be sold at the Courier Station, alongside their base prices:

  • Resource

*Food : Wood = 1 : 1
**Stone : Food/Wood = 3 : 4
***Gold : Food/Wood = 3 : 10

  • Speed Up

*Price for every types of speedup (building/training/healing/any) are same.

  • Boost

*Price for every types of production boost (food/wood/stone/gold) are same.
**8h production & gathering boost are 25% more cost-efficient than 24h.

  • Others


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