CDN Coverage & Price Comparison

Global = North America, South America, Europe, Asia (inc. China), South East Asia, Australia, Middle East, Africa

Amazon CloudFront and TurboBytes have additional fees for HTTP Requests. (hence the plus sign)

If a CDN provider has a POPs in China, that does not mean you are able to use that POP. You will need to have ICP license in order for a CDN provider to be able to help you distributing your content inside China.

If obtaining ICP license is impossible for you, the next best thing you can do is to go with CDN providers that has a direct peering through near location, mostly through Hong Kong. This is a hit and miss operation as the great firewall possibly will someday catch the CDN in the filter and cut the line.

All price is USD per GB

NA : North America
EU : Europe
SA : South America
APAC : Asia Pacific
AUS : Australia

Pricing for Limelight Network and CDNetworks starts between $0.2-$0.25 / GB depending on your negotiation skills with their sales. Pricing gets much better after you reach a certain high commitment threshold. ($3000+/month)

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